Our meat is raised, butchered and custom cut just for you– now that’s local food! Because the butcher processes each animal individually, we charge the customer a price per pound after the animal is harvested and before the meat is cut. This is called the “hanging weight”.  The average hanging weight for a whole beef is about 400-500 lbs. Depending on what cuts you select and whether or not those cuts include the bone, you can expect to receive about 70% of your hanging weight in cut, wrapped, and frozen meat.  Because grass-fed cows are leaner, you can expect a higher percentage of meat to hanging weight, which is just another reason to go grass-fed!  So first, check out our prices & cuts.  If it looks delicious, fill out our Contact Us/Order Form, or give us a call at 814.232.0521. We’ll give you the most recent butcher dates.  Then it’s time to select your own cuts from our Custom Cut Chop Sheet. As Peter’s family says, “Buon Appetito!”

Call, email, or contact us for current availability.